Lamu County’s curfew extended by another month

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Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo extended the curfew in Lamu County by another month. The curfew that was imposed on the 19th of July, 2014 was to stretch to the 21st of September. Kimaiyo said since it went...

The sale of counterfeit alcohol is on the rise putting both consumers and alcohol makers at risk

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In May, close to 80 people lost their lives after consuming contraband liquor that had filtered into the market, riding on existing brands to gain access. And now alcoholic drink makers are fighting back saying the p...

Police fight off militants who attacked post, killing 2

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Two armed militants died in a shootout with police at the Bothai Police post in the county of Garissa. A police officer and his spouse were also injured. The killings occurred after a group of more than 30 heavily ar...

Police in Garissa are pursuing suspected Al-shabaab militia who attacked the Bothai police post

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Two suspected Al-shabaab militia were shot and injured in the Monday night attack that left a police vehicle and a water tank destroyed. The attackers are also said to have made away with two g3 rifles.Watch KTN Live...

Plans underway to construct a dual-carriage highway from Nairobi to Malaba to enhance road safety

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Plans were underway to construct a dual-carriage highway from Nairobi to Malaba in order to reduce accidents along the important transit route used to ferry goods from the port of Mombasa into the greater East af...

A three year old girl has died after being electrocuted while playing in Kisumu city

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The girl who playing near a barbed wire fence lost her life after she touched it, not knowing a live wire was in contact with the metallic hedge. Neighbors say the slum is notorious for illegal power connections that...

ICC to hold a Status Conference on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s case

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The International Criminal Court will be holding a status conference tomorrow at The Hague on President Uhuru Kenyatta's trial after the office of the prosecutor received records of Uhuru's bank accounts and properti...

Kitengela woman nabbed for spiking bar patron’s drink in Mlolongo

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Kitengela woman nabbed for spiking bar patron's drink in MlolongoWatch KTN Live us on us on

ICC court told no land is registered under President Kenyatta

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The Kenyan government is being accused of refusing to cooperate with the ICC, in the case against president Uhuru Kenyatta. Only a handful of records about Kenyatta that had been requested by the prosecution have bee...

Pastor David Owusu Dealing With Negative Pronouncements 2nd July 2014

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Watch KTN Live us on us on

Tradegy befalls Nakuru county’s Rhonda area as quarry collapses killing two people

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Two people died while four others narrowly escaped death when a quarry they were working in collapsed in Nakuru county's Rhonda area. This was not the first time lives had been lost in such quarries where hundreds o...

Prof. PLO Lumumba describes Saba Saba as tragedy

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Prof PLO Lumumba describes Saba Saba as tragedyWatch KTN Live us on us on

Churchill Raw 02 Episode 24

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Churchill Raw 02 Episode 24For more news visit us on Twitter <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> our FaceBook ...

Kenya Medical Association criticises the government over it’s management of preventive measures agai

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The government has come under sharp cristism over its prevention measures against Ebola. The Kenya medical association has termed the Ebola screening at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport as casual while the par...

5 suspected robbers killed as they were storing stolen goods in Kericho

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Five suspected Robbers have been killed in Kericho after police caught up with them shortly after offloading stolen goods at a house they stay in. The police acted on information from a resident who was asked by the ...

Health workers declares a strike in Busia county

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Health workers have declared a strike in Busia county, saying that Medical Services in the County are on hold. This came after the county government allegedly order the arrest and detention of three county health wor...

Wajir sub county headquarters, Trabaj, deserted for lack of water

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The Wajir Sub county headquarters stands the risk of getting deserted due to an acute water shortage. The headquarters, which has been in existence for over 60 years has had more than 10, failed attempts to drill bor...

Twenty two year old in custody after he was found in possession of twin elephant tusks

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A 22-year-old man is in police custody after he was found inpossession of two elephants tusks weighing 20.2 kilogrammes.<br />The suspect was arrested at Kiandagoro area in Ndaragwa, Kieni West,by Kenya wildlif...

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Mock the week: People who have managed to successfully carry out their new year resolutions

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Coming up with new year resolutions is something that most of us engage in at the beginning of the year and now that we are midway through it, it's time to sit and take stock. Wilson Mburu now takes a look at people ...

The Bottom Line: How tribalism and hate speech is taking root in the country

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#KTNBottomline: How tribalism and hate speech is taking root in the countryWatch KTN Live us on us on